The tavern Marger, owned by Mr. Stojan Voshtinjarov, was a place where the bohemian life of the city was taking place, place of meetings, enjoyment and good fun since 1939 to 1945, when the tavern was closed.

After a pause of 65 years, in ownership by the descendants of Mr. S. Voshtinjarov, Marger began to work again on new location, now as a modern restaurant in the heart of the City Park in Skopje. The idea of keeping the old name, actually, is an idea for renewal of the old bohemian tradition related to tavern Marger, but on a way most appropriate for the modern Macedonian.

The traditional in Marger is indivisible from the taste. The taste of Marger’s appetizers, mean meals and specialties is distinctive and unique. About the taste can’t be speak, the specialties must be tasted, must be experienced.

Marger makes compilation of traditional and modern, of former and contemporary. The result of this compilation is a place with pleasant atmosphere where you will wish to enjoy with your closest relatives, with your friends or with your business partners.