Skopje has long and rich tavern tradition. Being in the taverns in the time of old Skopje meant living a bohemian life when the stomach was fulfilling with tasteful meals, through the throat was trickling quality wine and the mouth was stimulated to sing and to join in creation of the joyful atmosphere.

The old natives of Skopje remember of few taverns that were part of that time’s elite tavern scheme. One of them is former city tavern Marger, which was located in the heart of Skopje, at the city square (near to today’s trading centre City Gallery), where everyone was passing by and visiting.

The attractive location of Marger at the city square, in the center of the Skopje, the pleasant atmosphere and good service made the most bohemian place for gathering in Skopje. In Marger were coming artists, students, journalists, were making intellectual and literary conversations even “across tables”, which was a real entertainment for the present people. All of this was happening accompanied by the voice of full of temperament singer of Russian Gypsy romances Natalia Vishnjakova, a voice that was significant for the tavern Marger.

Owned by Mr. Stojan Voshtinjarov, the tavern Marger was a place where the bohemian life of the city was taking place, place of meetings, enjoyment and good fun since 1939 to 1945, when the tavern was closed.